See our F-250 Truck Inventory in Colusa!

Never underestimate how important it can be having the right tool to do the job—just ask anyone who’s ever tried to hammer nails with a screwdriver or tow a boat trailer with rope instead of a hitch; okay, hopefully you don’t know anyone who’s done these things, but the point is that a correct tool can make a difference in getting the job done. That is one of the reasons we at Hoblit Ford are so gung-ho about keeping a huge selection of Super Duty trucks in stock in our new inventory. Ford Super Duty pickups like the F-250 have a range of uses for many drivers and workers in our area of the state. Colusa may not be the biggest town by California standards, but we’re a hardworking and industrious population. Thus, having a truck that can tow a heavy trailer, haul a payload of supplies and materials, or drive on multiple types of terrain in different weather conditions makes accomplishing our daily responsibilities and weekend projects easier. Plus, we have a wide selection of F-250 trim levels in stock at Hoblit Ford, so finding the truck to fit your driving needs and personal tastes takes just a visit to our dealership.

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