Get More Car for Less Cash in the 2016 Ford Edge

There's a fault way of thinking in the auto world that value and premium quality are mutually exclusive attributes. But, the 2016 Ford Edge proves that's certainly not the case anymore!

Freshly re-designed, the 2016 Edge boasts sophisticated style, thrilling performance and an upscale cabin that's loaded with next-gen features. Put simply, the Edge is the perfect crossover for every occasion, be it carpooling, commuting or hitting the open road!

Get ready to love your drive in the Edge's first class cabin that gives luxury models a run for their money! You'll enjoy first class comfort and all of the latest tech like a touchscreen display, blind spot monitoring and parallel park assist!

The Edge delivers an exciting and efficient ride to drivers like you! With its EcoBoost engine lineup, the 2016 Edge conserves fuel while delivering potent power and confident performance.

Expect more from your crossover by visiting Hoblit Motors in Colusa, CA to take the Edge out on the road today!<;p>

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