The Ford F-150 and Snow Ball Fights on the Beach


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One cool thing about where we live is that we can be down on the beach tanning in the sun, while there’s snow covering the mountains. Usually, you have to choose one or the other, snow or beach, but if you have the Ford F-150, you can have both!

You see, the Ford F-150 has a pretty large flat bed. A flat bed that can fit a lot of coolers (depending on the size of those coolers). So, you and your friends should pack the flat bed with as many coolers as possible, drive up to the mountains and fill all of those coolers with snow, and then drive back down to the beach to meet your friends, divide the “ammo” in half, and open fire!!

The F-150 is known for its true utility of being able to haul a lot of cargo in its bed, but hey, who says it can’t be used for fun stuff like this too? Just something to keep in mind as we head into the winter months.

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