Enjoy the Power of Nature in the Ford Escape

The aptly named new 2017 Ford Escape is the perfect kind of vehicle to head out of the city and into the glory of nature. For whatever lifestyle you live, it's worth taking regular trips with fewer buildings, cars, and people. The nimble, efficient, yet spacious and capable new Ford Escape offers you the versatility to head out of Dodge, and return back to your everyday city life when your adventures are over. Press play to watch this quick video.

Exploring nature can lead to many inspirations, and we here at our Colusa, CA Ford dealership are lucky enough to be among a gorgeous environment. We encourage you to find your purpose for a quick escape to nature, but first visit us today and we'll go over your new Ford lease or loan options.

Find your new Escape here at Hoblit Motors today.

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Tags: ford, SUV, escape
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